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Your quality assurance education can be gained in many different ways. You might decide to sign up at a “QA University” to try and get a degree from them that says you know quality assurance. You might find some software testing course that will lead you through the latest theories on test methodology.

You might find some QA training that will show you how to use the most current and sexiest automated testing tool. You might go to a seminar on how to hold a bug scrum that “really works”. You may learn this month’s leading theory on test creation, or you may study how to build better test metrics.

Depending on the path you choose, you might get you a fancy degree for your wall, some bragging rights around the water cooler, and maybe some little known terminology to throw around. It may make hiring managers click their tongues when reviewing your resume and it will probably make your parents feel very proud.

These options are looked upon by many to be “the way” to learn quality assurance testing. Many of the programs that offer this type of quality assurance training do indeed offer some valuable information, but they also have three major drawbacks:

  1. They Are Expensive!
    • Most programs that offer a quality assurance degree upon completion will cost a few, if not several, thousands of dollars
    • Even courses that offer quality assurance certification usually cost several hundred to a few thousand dollars
  2. Significant Time Investment
    • To complete any certification or degree that might be of any value will take at least several months. Many programs take over 2 years to complete!
  3. No Real-World Application
    • Although many of the offered courses contain information that can be used eventually in some situations, they lack real-world, immediately applicable, actionable information.
    • They can teach testing theory, but don’t give you the necessary tools for success in the software industry. They don’t show you how to manage a frantic boss, with a looming deadline, for whom you must write a report that will keep the company from losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If theory and a life in academia is your goal, then these are very useful courses to take. If you want to incur debt and spend years of your life studying the software “flavor of the month” then you will find several organizations willing to separate you from your hard earned money.

But where can you find affordable, effective quality assurance courses? Where is a software testing course that will give you the tools you need to succeed right now, today in the high tech industry?

Right here at Successful Quality Assurance!
After almost two decades of testing, leading, managing, and training in the software quality assurance industry, I found more and more testers ill-prepared for the jobs they were being asked to perform. Whether they had gone into debt at a technical school or had just gotten their quality assurance education on-the-job, none were prepared to excel in the software industry.

So I decided to condense all of the most effective QA lessons and present them in easy-to-access, FREE software testing courses. Continue reading Launch Your Quality Assurance Education Here!

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